Book List available
to members
* The God Delusion
* God is Not Great
* The End of Faith
* Against All Gods
* Sense & Goodness
* Dark Side of Christian History
* Gods Terrorists
* A History of Atheism in Britain
* Humanism

* The Great City Academy Fraud

British Humanist Association
National Secular Society
International Humanist & Ethical Union
The Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association
Sutton Centre for Voluntary Sector
One Law for All Campaign
London Borough of Sutton
The Freethinker Magazine
South Place Ethical Society
Sutton Central Library
Other Humanist Groups
South London Humanist Groups
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Meetings -

Monthly open meetings held at the Friends' Meeting House, Cedar Road, Sutton

11th April

There will not be an Open Meeting this month as members are attending the Voltaire Lecture organised
by Humanists UK.
The speaker is
Prof. Henry Marsh,
"Do No Harm"


9th May

Imtiaz Shams Shams
Co-Founder and Chair of Faith to the Faithless will speak on issues relating to apostasy in the UK